When will construction start?

It will ultimately depend on final approvals, but LVG is hoping this could occur in the second half of 2017.

How many houses will be built?

Depending on final allotment size the full Roseworthy expansion could create 4,000 – 4,700 new homes.

Will there be new shops too?

Yes. Coles and LVG have already contracted for a full 4000m2 new store. However we estimate there could be up to 15,000m2 retail floorspace, creating many new jobs.

How many jobs will be created in the Roseworthy expansion?

We estimate 6000 new permanent jobs. The ‘Property Development Industry Economic Impact Study’ by Property Insights, March 2010, suggested 17,940 direct jobs will be created by this significant project.

How much will the whole project be worth?

Our independent assessment suggests over the next 20 years housing and infrastructure investment will be valued at more than $3.6 billion.

How big will the LVG development be?

We would hope to build up to 1000 dwellings, depending on the final allotment size.

When will land be for sale?

Register your interest and come and see LVG before Christmas.