Sustainable development - St Yves at Roseworthy

Roseworthy is a small farming town just 4km north of the Sturt Highway on the edge of Gawler, at the fringe of metropolitan Adelaide.  At the 2011 census it had a population of 1216.

Founded in 1863, Roseworthy is an agricultural hub.  It hosts a significant Viterra strategic grain storage site and is home to the University of Adelaide’s Roseworthy Agricultural College, founded in 1883.  Roseworthy Agricultural College is famous for being Australia’s first winemaking school and the first agricultural college.  It trained many of Australia’s top winemakers.  More recently it has become one of the leading veterinary schools in Australia.

Located within the Light Regional Council, the town of Roseworthy is about to enter an exciting growth phase.

Land Vision Group (LVG) owns 68 hectares of land south of Roseworthy. On 10 November 2016, following extensive community, public and political consultation the South Australian Planning Minister Hon John Rau MP, gazetted the Roseworthy Township Expansion Development Plan Amendment, pursuant to Section 25 (17) of the Development Act (1993).

This approval paves the way for the current Roseworthy township to become a regional centre, with a future population estimated at more than 10,000.  It will become the largest country town in the near Adelaide north.  Larger than the nearby Barossa townships of Nuriootpa and Tanunda.  The new township centre, including a substantial Coles supermarket, school, aged care and other retail shopping, will be established on LVG land.

LVG is committed to sustainable Roseworthy community development as it seeks to balance environmental, economic and community values in realising this important growth opportunity.


Our Vision

We are committed to working with the Roseworthy community, Light Regional Council, the State Government and other developers to craft an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable growth plan to create new jobs and homes, while enhancing the unique environment that is Roseworthy’s agricultural history and character.

Over the next 20 years we will be part of a project which could create 4500-6000 permanent new jobs, including for school leavers, in suitable retail floor space in outlets including Coles, our partner in building a community centre.  Plus sustainable skilled employment in new service industries, such as our other partners in the aged care sector.

With the community’s support, we could spend $150 million and grow Roseworthy’s population by more than 1000 people over the next two years, creating more than 800 direct new jobs in the town as a result.

These initiatives – combined with broader plans for the region – will meet the longstanding needs of Roseworthy and adjacent communities and demonstrate that there are green shoots flourishing in the tough conditions faced by northern Adelaide.